CreArt: Network of Cities for Artistic Creation

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CreArt: Network of Cities for Artistic Creation


The cultural cooperation project CreArt has been selected to receive EU funds for the next five years within the framework of the Culture Program (2007–2013). CreArt is a European cultural cooperation project for the promotion of artistic creativity that has been developed over the past two years in coordination with the Municipal Foundation for Culture of the Valladolid City Council. It consists of a network of 14 cities and urban spaces representative of Europe's cultural diversity and richness and the collaboration of three private entities with broad experience in cultural management. The partners are Aveiro (Portugal), Kaunas (Lithuania), Kristiansund (Norway), Linz (Austria), id11-Stichting (The Netherlands), Wroclaw (Poland), Lecce (Italia), Harghita (Romania), Pardubice (Czech Republic), Arad (Romania), Sienna (Italia), Vilnius (Lithuania), Futurecity (United Kingdom), and Valladolid (Spain).

Placing art and creativity at the center of its activities, CreArt seeks to foster artist mobility and the mobility of artworks; the sharing of good practices in all areas of the visual arts; networking among art-related groups; training programs linked to art, artists, and arts management; programs to make art accessible to the general public and specific groups; ongoing analysis and publication of project results and the rich knowledge derived from it; creativity in industry and society at large; trans-European public-private partnerships fostering a sense of belonging to a common project: Europe.

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