List of Selected artists AiR DELFT OP ZICHT

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List of Selected artists AiR DELFT OP ZICHT


Art initiative id11 in Delft (The Netherlands) after taking into consideration 60 proposals submitted in the past month ,has announced the list of 8 artists that will participate in the Artist in Residence programme organised within the framework of the EU funded project CreArt (Network of Cities for Artistic Creation). Art initiative id11 organizes artist-in-residence projects in temporarily available spaces such as vacant shops, office spaces or apartment buildings to be demolished or renovated. The Call was addressed to professional artists from the CreArt network  interested in site-specific artworks with a wide variety of media and diversity of approaches. This Artist-in-Residence, will take place in August and September 2013. Organization  will cover travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses.



Alexander Glandien from Linz (Austria)

Tvrtko Buric from Genoa (Italy)

Bernadisiute Dovile from Vilnius (Lithuania)

Amaya Bombin  from Valladolid (Spain)

Lieke Snellen from Delft (The Netherlands)

Leonard Sherifi  from Genoa (Italy)

Ruta Butkute from Kaunas (Lithuania)

Nino Strohecker from Linz (Austria)