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AiR for Experiment – is there enough room for experiment in the cultural landscape of Europe?

How can artist organizations, artist-in-residence programs and local governments work together at local level to enhance the European cultural landscape? The encounter AiR for Experiment takes place December 2nd at Lijm & Cultuur in Delft, the Netherlands. Everyone is welcome to participate.

«Art education, educational art, art as an educational tool, society as context, research and self-education, art transforming theory into action»

How does art education work, and how would we like to imagine it working?
- How can existing educational practice be challenged?

Rethinking Art Education will be a 12 hours seminar and conference taking place on the island of Bragdøya, away from urban disturbances. The island is, however, situated not far from the city of Kristiansand. We will bring our guests to the island by boat in the morning. Travelling guests will have to arrive in Kristiansand the evening before, and leave in the morning after the conference.

The CreArt project has launched the annual celebration of the European Day of Artistic Creativity, which will take place on March 21st2013 inall the cities under the “Network of Cities for Artistic Creation”, and in the cities and institutions across Europe wanting to join our initiative.

Today 28th September, The first technical meeting of the members of the CREART project. Network of Cities for Artistic Creation takes place in Valladolid to finalize the details for the first actions in each one of the cities, and the European proposals that will be launched soon. Representatives from Aveiro (Portugal), Vilnius and Kaunas (Lithuania), Kristiansand (Norway), Linz (Austria), Harghita and Arad (Romania), Pardubice (Czech Republic) and London (U.K),  participate in this event, together with the coordination team from Valladolid. All of them have been working in the preparation of the programme since the selection of the project by the European Commission at the beginning of March.