Opening CreArt European Exhibition 2013 in Palazzo Vernazza (Lecce) on 5th October


Opening CreArt European Exhibition 2013 in Palazzo Vernazza (Lecce) on 5th October


CreArt is a real nomadic project, it is a flow without limit that connects artists to curators, projects to places, ideas to cities, thanks to the strength of art and its codes. These codes are those of painting, sculpture, installation, video, photography but not only this. Using the words of the italian curator and critic, Germano Celant, “you can make art with everything and everywhere, without limit of language and land”. By now this is a fact. Today the exhibition “More real than the real”  by Ilaria Bonacossa, arrives in the spaces of Palazzo Vernazza-Castromediano in Lecce. The exhibition, on the initiative of the project CreArt, in cooperation with the Department of european and youth politics, and the department of culture, tourism and entertainment of the Municipality of Lecce.  We are in the heart of the city, Palazzo Vernazza is maybe one of the most fascinating places of our region,  rich of history of the community of Salento and Apulia. Here there are many surprising works of art, full of visual reminders, and projects that are open to different explanations. This exhibition is the result of an accurate work of coordination of the Municipality of Valladolid and all the cities that are joining the five-year project CreArt. Those cities looked at the efficiency of local artists to put them in the net, giving them the opportunity to meet each other through the exhibition and through an intense program of residencies and meetings all over Europe.

The collective exhibition – set-up and managed also from some young students of Artistic School “Ciardo-Pellegrino” in Lecce – is not the only meeting in the city, that moreover coincides with The Day of Contemporary supported by A.M.A.C.I. (Association friends on contemporary art museum of Italy), but it is also the opportunity to reflect and speak about art. How? Proposing to our european partners and artists, that joined this itinerant project, to dialogue with Francesco Arena, an apulian artist born in1978, who has participated for several years, in the international environment and now is one of the protagonist of Padiglione Italia curated by Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, in the Biennale internazionale d'arte in Venice. This because CreArt wants to be debate, discussion, meeting between artists and cultural operators, of today and tomorrow, but also between artists and citizens. 

The meeting with Arena is included in a dense agenda, started some months ago, with a meeting dedicated to Luigi Presicce, which wants to put together artists under 45 that already work in the national and international contest, with students of the Fine Arts Accademy of Lecce, artistic high schools of the territory, and in this special situation also artists and coordinators that belong to the european project CreArt. The accademy of fine arts, with his director Claudio Delli Santi and its teachers, will contribute to the success of the project. They will take part of the dialogue in the conference hall of the Must Museum directed by Nicola Elia – where there is also one of his works of art included in a project of apulian sculpture, created by Toti Carpentieri – with Arena, that has been a student of The Academy in Lecce. 

Isn't it the meeting, the debate, one of the essential aspects of making art today? The real dialogue - not only the one with technological prosthesis  – isn't it a method to improve and take-charge of the experiences of other people? The name of Arena is not random, because the coordination of CreArt Lecce wants to propose apulian artists working in the international contest, hoping to meet, in the next future, the other protagonists of this spacial flow: from Rossella Biscotti to Massimo Grimaldi, from Sarah Ciraci to Pierluigi Calignano and many more others. To exchange ideas and proposals, to describe our path in the complex world of art.

Paolo Perrone

Sindaco della cittá di Lecce



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