Celebration of the European Day of Artistic Creativity. 21 March 2016


Celebration of the European Day of Artistic Creativity. 21 March 2016


CreArt cities are finalizing the program of activities for the new edition of the EUROPEAN DAY OF ARTISTIC CREATIVITY. Among others, The Croatian Association of Visual Artists (HDLU) in collaboration with University of Zagreb (Department of Ethnology, Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) and Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research in Zagreb, will coordinate art research project and conference "Place of performance and the creation of the city"; The Comune di Lecce (Italy) will open the Collective show of the preselected artists for the CreArt Exhibition in Palazzo Vernazza-Castromediano; in the Romanian City of Arad, children will be the protagonists on that day and will participate in exhibitions, creative contests and artistic workshops; in Kristiansand (Norway) there will be organized guided tours and workshops for children in the local museums; Artkomas in Kaunas (Lithuania) has prepared workshops on different artistic techniques for children; Atelierhaus Salzamt in Linz (Austria) will open two exhibitions and the school project "The Promise Land" dealing with the situation of refugees; Aveiro in Portugal will present two exhibitions of Portuguese artists and workshops from children in local museums: Valladolid in Spain has organised more than 20 activities in collaboration with museums, galleries and schools, to promote local artists and enhance creativity among citizens and school children.

You can alread check the program for this year here:

Arad: http://www.europeandayofartisticcreativity.eu/activities-2016/?city=arad
Aveiro: http://www.europeandayofartisticcreativity.eu/activities-2016/?city=aveiro
Harghita: http://www.europeandayofartisticcreativity.eu/activities-2016/?city=harg...
Lecce: http://www.europeandayofartisticcreativity.eu/activities-2016/?city=lecce
Linz: http://www.europeandayofartisticcreativity.eu/activities-2016/?city=linz
Kaunas: http://www.europeandayofartisticcreativity.eu/activities-2016/?city=kaunas
Kristiansand: http://www.europeandayofartisticcreativity.eu/activities-2016/?city=kris...
Pardubice: http://www.europeandayofartisticcreativity.eu/activities-2016/?city=pard... 
Valladolid: http://www.europeandayofartisticcreativity.eu/activities-2016/?city=vall...
Vilnius: http://www.europeandayofartisticcreativity.eu/activities-2016/?city=vilnius
Zagreb: http://www.europeandayofartisticcreativity.eu/activities-2016/?city=zagreb

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