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CreArt International Conference | November, 25th, 2016

Municipal Assembly Building | Former Capitancy of Aveiro’s Port

Communication plays an important function in contemporary society and a decisive role in the artistic context. On the one hand, it gives visibility to artists and their works, allowing them to reach different audiences and renown [who and what is not seen does not exist], on the other, the media attention may confer some banality to art and raise “massive presence” to artists, facts do not always favor their prestige and recognition.

New ways to manage and finance creative spaces in Europe

In the last decades Europe has witnessed an important increase in the number of creative spaces. Some of them are official, with landmark buildings erected in many cities; others are alternative, being also very necessary for creation.

In a situation of crisis, which is not only financial, we need to rethink and analyze how to maintain and develop fundamental principals, such as the importance of culture in our society, so that it can still be considered a basic element in the life of citizens. Nowadays, intellectual European referents such as André Malraux have not lost their relevance, as when he said that “culture is the sum of all the forms of art, of love and of thought which, throughout the centuries, have enabled man to be less enslaved”.

    Next 7th February will take place in the Romanian city of Miercurea Ciuc, in the Harghita County (Transilvania), a conference titled “Developing Artistic Creativity in European Cities. New ways in crisis situations”, organized by CreArt project, and with the participation of experts in European cultural policies, as well as representatives of the CreArt cities. The Conference is one of the activities within the framework of this Multiannual Cooperation Project (2012-2017) that has the financial support of the European Commission.


The objective of the Second Conference of European Cultural Cooperation “Economy and Culture. New answers”.

The First Conference of European Cultural Cooperation, organised by the Municipality of Valladolid, took place in May 21st with the participation of experts in European cultural policies and high representatives of the Ministry of Culture and International Affairs.