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This CreArt workshop "The current work of curator. Workshop on curatorial practice" offers the participants the opportunity to learn, discuss and reflect on an issue of great importance in the world of European and international art

DATES: 29 APRIL-2 MAY 2016

TIMETABLE:  Morning and afternoon session

LANGUAGE: The workshop will be conducted in English.

The director of the next Artist Workshop in Genoa has already selected the participants that will spend 5 days working together in The Museum Villa Croce. Municipality of Genoa will cover all expenses of travel, accommodation and subsistence for the artists.


Mieke Fokkinga, Delft                                                                                 

Adrian Sandu, Arad                                                                               

Inês Rocha, Aveiro                                                                                   

Maja Rozman, Zagreb                                                                                

Imre Berze, Harghita                                                                                    

Annalisa Macagnino, Lecce                                                                  

New deadline to apply until 24th January

Luca Vitone will be the Director of the second Artist Workshop organised within the framework of the EU funded project CreArt (Network of Cities for Artistic Creation). The workshop coordinated by the Municipality of Genoa will take place during 17-21 March2014 in the Museum Villa Croce of Genoa.  Artists born or resident in any of the CreArt cities will have the opportunity to participate in this 5-days workshop to share, learn and exchange artistic experiences together with other artists from the CreArt Network (Aveiro, Delft, Linz, Vilnius, Pardubice, Kaunas, Lecce, Kristiansand, Arad County, Genoa, Harghita County and Valladolid)


The proposal of this workshop with the Spanish masters of figuration Antonio López and Cristóbal Toral is to deal with different ways of pictorial representation, where the participants will be able to show their interests and ideas, and to work and develop their creative processes close to two of the great artistic references of the Contemporary Realism. This workshop, lasting 5 days, intends to approach the experimentation, the artistic creation, and the improvement of the techniques used by the participant artists, who come from all of over Europe. They will have the opportunity to contrast their work with the expert look of Antonio López and Cristóbal Toral, two of the most representative figures of Spanish Contemporary Art. Along the practice sessions of this workshop, artists from different countries can share in person advices, comment proceedings, research methodologies and enjoy the explanations about their ideas and projects.