The first technical meeting of the CreArt cities takes place in Valladolid


The first technical meeting of the CreArt cities takes place in Valladolid


Today 28th September, The first technical meeting of the members of the CREART project. Network of Cities for Artistic Creation takes place in Valladolid to finalize the details for the first actions in each one of the cities, and the European proposals that will be launched soon. Representatives from Aveiro (Portugal), Vilnius and Kaunas (Lithuania), Kristiansand (Norway), Linz (Austria), Harghita and Arad (Romania), Pardubice (Czech Republic) and London (U.K),  participate in this event, together with the coordination team from Valladolid. All of them have been working in the preparation of the programme since the selection of the project by the European Commission at the beginning of March. The evaluation report by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency emphasized that it is a project of true European cooperation in which countries and cities from the four cardinal points of the continent participat” and added that the key elements for the success of CreArt: it ensures the quality of the itinerant exhibitions; it reaches a high level dialogue in the seminars and artists workshops and achieves the involvement of the citizens in the different open activities proposed in the CreArt programme”.


In the press conference that takes place in the same day, two specific initiatives of the CreArt project are going to be presented:  the website for “The European Day of Artistic Creativity”, a new initiative launched by CreArt that will be celebrated in all Europe every 21st of March, and the “Creative Ideas Bank” micro-site, a platform to collect and share creative ideas and resources from citizens.

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