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On Saturday December 14th, 2013, the seminar “Shifting Artist-in-Residence Strategies” will be held in Delft within the context of the CreArt Project and with the collaboration of a number of partners*.

Artist-in-residences (AiRs) are a changing phenomenon. Hosts and guests develop new strategies or they reinvent the ways they operate. This process is necessary because of shifting economic, political and cultural circumstances. Some AiRs opt for interdisciplinary research, others for integrating artistic goals with commercial activities. Some focus on the specificity of their location, while others try to connect to the needs of other parties. Which new artist-in-residence strategies are developed? What are the consequences for collaboration, programming, funding? How can networks, cultural organizations, funds, and governments connect to these developments?

Next 27th September will be celebrated in the Arad County Council, a seminar about “THE ART IN THE RESEARCH STUDIES ON CULTURAL POLICIES. Cases studies of European cities” organized by the European project CreArt, that will have the participation of experts in European public and private cultural policies, as well as representatives from the CreArt cities. The Conference takes part under the framework of activities of this Multiannual cultural cooperation project (2012-2017) co-funded by the European Commission.