Artkomas selects 4 artists for the new Artist in Residence Program

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Artkomas selects 4 artists for the new Artist in Residence Program

CreArt and Artkomas have selected the following 4 artists to participate in the next AiR program in Kaunas:

Zoltan Ferencz - Harghita, Romania

Marcello Nitti  - Lecce, Italy

Matias Lopez Iglesias – Valladolid, Spain

Alma Trtovac – Zagreb, Croatia

The artists will develop the AiR Program in two periods: 

February 27 - March 31  Marcello Nitti, Alma Trtovac

April 2 – 30 April Zoltan Ferenz, Matias Lopez Iglesias




For the artist residency in Kaunas I propose a project centered on the figure of Hermann Minkowski: brilliant Lithuanian mathematician, later naturalized German, he was born in Aleksotas, small town in the province of Kaunas, in 1864. Minkowski, which was, among other, professor of Albert Einstein and Walter Ritz, is the father of the geometriy of numbers, but he contributed also to the development of the theory of relativity and he worked on theories about the spheres packing.


This project focuses on the period of my life, emotions, depression, and coping after the car accident I had in 2013.

These sketches represent a reflection on my day to day during that period of life – which consisted on lying in bed, going to physical therapy, trying to regain my fine motor functions, looking through my window and wondering about the consequences this will have on my future and carrier as an artist.


A computer-animated film is a feature film that has been computer-animated to appear three-dimensional on a film screen. I will use a MOCAP (Motion Capturer ) technic. To animate the characters.

My research it’s dedicated to capturing 3d motion (mocap). At KAunas I would like to do a project of 3d shortfilm mixing real image and 3d CGI. From the very start through to the final production. Covering the main part of it with my own resources.


After reading and making the Dante’s ’Divine Comedy’ art book which includes 100 illustrations for all of the scenes of this book, I became very interested in topics such as different religions and the Middle Ages. I have already incorporated themes relating to the Seven Deadly Sins and the Ten Commandments into my artwork.

Presently I am inspired by sanctity in a religious context, from the point of view of the Orthodox, Catholic and even Protestant churches. My future plans involve creating a series of illustrations of a contemporary, reimagined version of Luther’s 95 Theses.