The European curator Luisa Santos selects 21 projects for the Creart Exhibition "Notes on Tomorrow"

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The European curator Luisa Santos selects 21 projects for the Creart Exhibition "Notes on Tomorrow"


The European curator Luisa Santos selects 21 projects from the CreArt cities to participate in the CreArt Exhibition "Notes on Tomorrow" that will be presented along 2016 in Kaunas (Lithuania), Kristiansand (Norway) and Aveiro (Portugal): Nita Mocanu (Arad); Carolina  Grilo Santos (Aveiro); Stefano Bucciero and Tvrtko Buric (Genoa); Kovács Kinga and Fodor Zsuzsanna (Harghita); Povilas Ramanauskas and Monika Žaltauskaitė-Grašienė (Kaunas), Stine Bråthen (Kristiansand); Marco Musarò and Paolo Ferrante (Lecce); FAXEN art collective and Georg Pinteritsch (Linz); Eva Pacalova and Katerina Drzkova (Pardubice); Ricardo González and Jorge Méndez a.k.a Jorge Peligro (Valladolid); Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė and Marija Šnipaitė (Vilnius) and Davor Sanvincenti and Jelena Bando (Zagreb)



Notes on Tomorrow reflects upon the Luhmannian idea of art as a social system. Generally neglected by arts institutions, the visual culture produced by social movements is a vital sector in the worlds of arts and activism.


Following the thread of relational and activist art, we are now faced with a new trend in contemporary art practice, which addresses what can be done to improve the social, economical and political conditions we live in. With the emphasis on what is left to be done, trough questioning, experimenting and a spark of optimism, many contemporary artists are reflecting in personal stories and relationships as a means of addressing art and society, sightseeing possibilities rather than difficulties. In their work, they either invent completely new structures, or they switch expectations by altering existing media.


Contemporary artists seek to engage the audience in an exploration of the world through metaphors and small stories. Such art production shows different perspectives of our  lives bringing awareness to a world in constant transformation. Seeking a multiplicity of possibilities of better worlds, contemporary art makes us step aside from our own ideas of the  world  and be faced with the uncanny and unusual.


Instead of showing the classical trend of works struggling unequivocally with the economic and political forces of contemporary society, this collective exhibition presents a series of alternative proposals that drift between a series of binomials as History and fiction; contemplation and creation; ephemeral and infinite; creation and interpretation. It is not about presenting definitive answers for contemporary society’s problems but more about looking into a series of questions, observations and experimentations. In other words, it is about visually translating small utopias at local levels through inventions, desires and propositions.


Notes on Tomorrow comes in different ways to dwell on positive answers to current social issues and will include drawings, notes, diagrams, video, performance and different kinds of situations.