The European Commission announced 1 March 2012, that the cultural cooperation project CreArt, coordinated by Valladolid and with the participation of 13 European cities and institutions, has been selected to receive EU funds for the next 5 years within the framework of the Culture Programme (2007-2013). The CreArt project will be initially developed for 5 years and has a total budget of 3.437.300 €.

Placing art and creativity at the centre of its activities, CreArt seeks to foster:

  • artist mobility and the mobility of artworks
  • the exchange of good practices in all areas surrounding the visual arts
  • networking among art-related groups
  • training programmes linked to art, artists and arts management
  • dissemination programmes to make art accessible to the general public and specific groups
  • analysing and publishing, on an on-going basis, the results of the Project and the rich knowledge derived from it
  • creativity in industry and society at large.
  • trans-European public-private partnerships, developing a sense of belonging to a common project: Europe.

 We believe CreArt has the necessary ingredients to become a reference platform –physical and technological– for the European exchange of knowledge, ideas, innovation, and for the promotion of creativity.

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In October through November 2014 we will be realizing the 2014 artist-in-residence project CreAir Kristiansand.


The Ring Gallery of the Meštrović Pavilion, home of HDLU, Croatian Association of Visual Artists, host from Friday 29 August the second Edition of


Kaunas, Lithuania invites 4 artists from the CreArt Network to work for two months in Kaunas AiR in the period of May 10/ July 10, 2014. 

for local artists
Artkomas in Kaunas
In Vilniaus rotuse
Artistas locales
al Ex Convento dei Teatini
Rolli Days in Genoa