HDLU-Zagreb: EU Day of Artistic Creativity

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HDLU-Zagreb: EU Day of Artistic Creativity


The project entitled The Aestheticization and Rehumanization of Public Space: The Case Study of Artistic Interventions in Hospital Environment is a multidisciplinary project designed and overseen by artist Melinda Šefčić within the framework of the CreArt project 2017, organized by the Croatian Association of Fine Artists in partnership with the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies of the University of Zagreb, the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research (within their project City-making: space, culture and identity supported by the Croatian Science Foundation) and the University Hospital Centre Zagreb located at Rebro.

The goal of the project was to examine the possibilities of revitalization, aestheticization and rehumanization of hospital space as we know it by introducing spatial interventions applying art and painting. The project aimed to encourage social awareness on identifying and accepting art as a constituent part of the everyday life. Furthermore, the project aimed to sensitize certain groups (patients, visitors and medical staff) to the creative ways of expression and to present art in hospital space as an opportunity for positive distraction, a quicker and easier recovery and a more stimulating working environment.

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